Zinc Spray Coating On ERW Tubes

AMST offers corrosion protection of pre-galvanized ERW tubes at weld seam area. The formation of ERW tubes, results in removal of galvanizing from the weld seam area. AMST zinc spray coating system on ERW tubes provides spray galvanizing on the weld seam area.

The spray process is installed in the production line after welding & scarfing station to offer metallurgical bonding on zinc metal on the tube weld seam. The spray process meets the line speed requirement of 10 mtr/minute to 160 mtrs/minutes to offer high production & uninterrupted spraying process.

AMST offers following systems for ERW tube seam zinc spray coating application:-

  • Twin wire arc spray coating system AMST-8830-200EL.
  • Spray suction hood with gun mounting.
  • Twin cyclone dust collector for zinc dust collection.
  • Dry Filter Cartridge or Fabric bag type dust collector.
  • Centrifugal Exhaust fan with silencer.
  • Electric control panel and wiring.

A Complete solution for “Surface preparation & metal spray”

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