Shipyard Blasting & Painting

AMST offer big size of blasting & painting rooms for ships blasting & painting process. The project offered as a complete blasting room, front vertical sliding door in special fabric, mechanical grit recovery unit, Vacuum grit recovery unit, de-humidifier, set of portable blasting machines, dust collector with exhaust fan.

For painting room, AMST offers front vertical sliding door, dehumidifier unit, paint extractor suction hood and exhaust fan with ducting. Both rooms are side by side to each other and ship or big structure can be moved inside the room from front vertical sliding door.

Following systems offered for Blasting & Painting rooms

Front vertical sliding type door in special fabric material. The door is designed to withstand against high wind pressure , cyclones, tornadoes, etc and is same for blasting & painting room.

Vacuum abrasive / grit recovery unit upto 450mm of Hg, 40 mtrs suction hose and recovery rate upto 8 m ton / hour

Belt Conveyor type grit recovery unit.

Grit / Abrasive Recycling unit

Big Silo for grit storage upto 40 M Ton capacity.

Portable Blasting Machines

De-humidifier unit for blasting Room & Painting Booth

Dust Collector for Grit Blast Room

Paint Fume suction hood with axial flow fan and ducting.

A Complete solution for “Surface preparation & metal spray”

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