Turnkey Robotic Thermal Spray Projects

AMST offers robotic thermal spray coating facility as a complete turnkey project to provide automation solution to the customer for all kinds of thermal spray coating jobs meeting safety standards and consistency with repeatability of the process. AMST design, manufacture, in-house factory test and install the complete robotic turnkey project at customer’s site to prove the coating requirements.

Offered turnkey system is available for HVOF, Arc spray, Plasma spray and flame spray processes.

The turnkey project includes following:-

  • Project management, engineering and design of complete system.
  • Thermal spray coating equipment like HVOF, Arc, Plasma and flame spray
  • Acoustic chamber to reduce noise level outside the chamber to workable permissible limits.
  • Dry Filter Cartridge type dust collector with exhaust fan and acoustic housing.
  • Job manipulation system like Lathe/ Job rotator, Turntable, Tilting Turntable, Carousel Indexing type multi-station spindle arrangement.
  • 6 Axes Robotic gun manipulator with 7th axis linear / gantry track, X-Type, XY-Type, XYZ-Type and XYZR-Type automatic gun manipulator.
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT) & site acceptance test (SAT).
  • Technical knowhow transfer, qualification to the customer with coating development.
  • Operational & maintenance training to the customer’s personnel.


Acoustic chamber is offered for reduction of noise level less than 80dBA at 1 mtr from outer wall.
Choice of custom size of the chamber is available as per customer’s requirement
Standard 4” wall thickness filled with flame proof Mineral wool
Choice of door options available i.e hinged type double leaf, L-Type sliding, Roof sliding, etc
Door limit switches / safety interlocks offered and integration with thermal spray coating process.
Gas sensors for H2 leakage, Emergency stop system, proper illumination lamps are fitted.

Spray suction hood is offered for the suction of fumes and over sprayed dust particles.
Choice of custom size of the suction hood is available as per process requirement & job size.
Uniform air flow throughout the front grill thus offers uniform suction in the vicinity of the spray.
Choice of type of suction hood i.e Curved at the corner or straight on the wall, sliding suction hood.
Automatic selection of suction from any suction hood by automatic change over pneumatic valve.
Outlet is connected to the insulated ducting for nose reduction.

Suitable type of dry filter cartridge or wet scrubber type dust collector is offered.
Standard CFM ratings are 300, 6000, 8000, 10000, 14000, 20000 CFM capacity of dust collector.
High efficiency dust collection and uniform flow rate maintained in the chamber during coating.
Centrifugal exhaust fan with acoustic enclosure and silencer is offered.
Optional NRV, CO2 fire suppression system & flame / spark sensors are offered.
Air flow sensor is offered as standard feature and can be integrated with coating system.

For consistency and repeatability coating operation, Automatic / robotic manipulators offered.
6 Axes Robot for gun manipulation with 7th axis linear track / gantry motion, if required.
For simple cylindrical jobs, automatic gun manipulator XY type is available.
Horizontal Servo Controlled Job rotator is available for long cylindrical jobs.
Automatic integrated or manual type tilting turntable is available for part manipulation.
For small components, indexing type carousel turntable is available for independent operation .

To cool plasma, Liquid Fuel HVOF and Water cooled Hybrid HVOF gun, water chillers are available.
Standard capacities are 5 TR, 10 TR and 28 TR chillers are available.
Water Jam Module is available for Plasma & HVOF process with water switching module.
Part Cooling air jets are offered with mountings and integration with the coating process.
Gun mounting stand on automatic manipulator and robot flange is offered as standard supply.
Electrical distribution panel is offered for control of all auxiliary systems with master panel.

A Complete solution for “Surface preparation & metal spray”

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