Vacuum Blasting Machine

AMST AMST offers portable type Close Circuit Single Chamber vacuum Blasting Machine fitted with a high vacuum pump for the suction of the grit and dust from the blasting Y-gun. The blasting is carried out by the operator holding Blast Y-Gun brush to the surface of the job to be blasted. The blasting gun is connected to the reclaimer via rubber hose.

During blasting process, dust & usable grit is sucked by the reclaimer where it enters tangentially at high velocity. Thereby dust gets separate from the usable grit and carried to the dry filter cartridge type dust collector. Usable grit stores in the storage tank and from there it is transferred into the blast generator when de-pressurises.

AP-15RE AP-10B AP-15VC
Vacuum pump 12.5 HP 10” Hg 15 HP 10” Hg 25 HP 10” Hg
Blasting Type Intermittent Intermittent Continuous
Blasting Nozzle Ø6mm Ø8mm / 10mm Ø10mm
Recovery distance 15 mtrs 15 mtrs 20 mtrs
Blast pot capacity 1.5 CFT / 3 CFT 5 CFT / 8 CFT/ 10 CFT 8 CFT / 10 CFT
Compressed air Req. 90 CFM @ 100 PSIG 135 CFM @ 100 PSIG 250 CFM @ 100 PSIG

AMST Vacuum blaster is most suitable for surface preparation before thermal spray coating on rolls for Hard Chrome replacement, Steel mill roll application, roll etching operation and shot peening operation.

A Complete solution for “Surface preparation & metal spray”

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