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Alloy Metal Surface Technologies

We have expanded our manufacturing base on latest technology so that you get most of the thermal spraying facilities under one roof.

AMST also provides a broad, flexible line of automation products for, thermal spray coating applications including FLAME SPRAY, ELECTRIC ARC, PLASMA, HVOF, GRIT BLASTING, and ultra-high pressure WATERJET stripping.With our wide range of metallizing equipments, auxiliary equipments, consumables, we can provide the right choice for your specific application.

Since thermal spraying is a dynamic industry, new customer requirements are continually arising. We take great pride in our company’s performance and ability to adapt to changing industry demands, consistently providing top quality products exceeding customer expectations.


Wire Flame Spray Systems

AMST offers wide range of thermal spray products comprise of stand alone coating equipments like Wire Flame Spray, Powder Flame Spray, Gas Fuel HVOF system, Liquid Fuel HVOF system, Twin wire arc spray, Plasma spray guns and consumables / spares for these equipments. We offer Robotic Turnkey projects for thermal spray coatying as per industrial applications.

Project Lead

AMST offers manual and automatic type grit blasting machines for the surface preparation before thermal spray coating. These equipments are custom designed & tailor made solution to meet customer’s requirement.

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We also offer Robotic / CNC shot peening amchines, glass bead peening machines, API thread peening machine and ceramic bead peening machines for Gas turbine application, aerospace, Oil & gas, automotive and other engineering applications.

Robotic Turnkey Thermal Spray Facility

Core Thermal Spray

& Consumables

Surface Preparation Blasting Machines

We Offer Coating & Blasting Solutions for Industrial Applications

Oil & Gas Industry

Hydropower Generation

Aviation Industry

Automotive Industry


Power Plant Boiler Tubes

Medical Implants

Drilling Industry

A Complete solution for “Surface preparation & metal spray”

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